Dar Moustaqbel Marrakech

“Dar” means “house” and “Dar Moustaqbel” means ‘house of the future’ in Darija (moroccan arabic). Dar Moustaqbel is a HOME to Berber student girls from the remote villages in the High Atlas mountains in Southern Morocco. For these girls to study at the university or another form of higher education is not easy. According to local customs, they are expected to simply stay in their villages, marry and become mothers.

“A girl with an education can shape her own destiny, lift up her family and transform her community.”  – ‘Let Girls Learn’ program by Michelle Obama.

Dar Moustaqbel offers a safe haven for the brave girls who want to follow a different path in life. Living here enables them to fully focus on their studies.
Instead of the village life of marriage and motherhood, they choose to use their 
talents to study, graduate and get a good job. This way they build another future for themselves and their families.


Dar Moustaqbel will accommodate students in their first four years, up until their bachelor degree. Dar Moustaqbel has room for  50/55 girls who will live here under the supervision of two house mothers, who help, encourage and support the girls wherever they may need it. The mothers speak Arab, Berber and French. There are house regulations that make life easier for everyone in the house.The girls take turns cooking, cleaning and washing for all. 

Dar Moustaqbel has been set up by Hanneke Ouwehand-Van Hooff. Before embarking on this adventure, in her free time she worked as a volunteer at three different boarding houses for highschool girls (EFAM), in the High Atlas Mountains.            

In rural Morocco, where schools are few and far between, it is the girls who generally have to stay at home. It is the boys in the family who attend school. A boarding house is located in a mountain village near a good, regional school, so the girls can go to school every day. With great results over the last ten years: all girls are highly motivated, work hard and get excellent grades in school. Their dream to continue to study hard and built a different future then most of the girls in their agegroup, is there.

And at this point we realised to nessecity to help these motivated, hard working girls with their next step. Even so, the step to move on to higher education in the city after six years of Baccalaureat, is hard. University and colleges are in Marrakech, another world, both in a cultural sense and in day to day life.


To help these brave girls we set up Dar Moustaqbel. Living here, they can study, develop their talents and work towards a different future for themselves ánd their families.

“If you educate a girl you educate the next generation.” Queen Rania of Jordan.