Yoga as a tool

April 10, 2018

The girls at Dar Moustaqbel yoga. Thanks to the teachers of yoga company Nosade, who often come by to give a lesson or two when they are in town, the girls have come to learn to enjoy yoga to the max.
Katrin Witt is delighted to see how Nosade and Dar Moustaqbel have found each other. ‘Morocco has become part of us, and we wish to give something back to the local people of the land we are doing business in. Yoga is a powerful tool. It helps finding personal balance and trust. It deepens the ability to deal with challenges with a calm and clear mind. It makes perfect sense to share that with the students of Dar Moustaqbel.’

Yoga sessions are often planned in the weekends, so all girls can participate. As many other students, Meriem Goundiz says it’s her favorite activity at Dar Moustaqbel. ‘Because it makes me calm and takes away all my worries.’