Adapted formula due to covid-crisis: flex workspaces for rent

Moustaqbel Amsterdam is currently closed as a venue, but we have reopened with a different formula: flex workspaces for rent. Are you working from home and in need of a nice and quiet place where you can concentrate and be productive? Need to get some work done ?

We are open from Monday till Friday, from 9 to 18. Only four flex workspaces are available to assure everyone can work comfortably, under safe and pleasurable circumstances. We serve good coffee, tea, sweets and lunch.

One hour                                                    €   20

One morning (9– 13 hrs)                        €   35

One day (9 – 17 hrs)                                €  55

Per month 1 day a week                         €   90

Per month 2 days a week                       € 130

Per month 3 days a week                       € 150

Per month 4 days a week                       € 180

Lunch                                                         €   15

Of course, all revenues go entirely to Dar Moustaqbel.

If you are interested and would like more information please call us on 06-20134439.