Adapted formula during corona crisis: workspaces for rent

Moustaqbel Amsterdam is currently closed as a venue, but we will reopen our doors on the 25th of May with a different formula: work spaces for rent. Are you working from home and in need of a nice and quiet place where you can concentrate and be productive? Need to get some work to be done ?

From Monday the 25th of May onwards, we will be open from Monday till Thursday. Only five working spots are available to assure everyone can work comfortably, under safe and pleasurable circumstances. We serve good coffee, tea, sweets and lunch.

One hour                                                    €   20

One morning (9– 13 hrs)                        €   35

One day (9 – 17 hrs)                                €  55

Per month 1 day a week                         €   90

Per month 2 days a week                       € 130

Per month 3 days a week                       € 150

Per month 4 days a week                       € 180

Lunch                                                         €   15

Of course, all revenues go entirely to Dar Moustaqbel. Read more about our response in Morocco here.

If you are interested and would like more information please call us on 06-20134439.