“A girl with an education can shape her own destiny, lift up her family and transform her community.”
“Let Girls Learn” by Michelle Obama



The Moustaqbel foundation aims to offer housing and support to girls from low income families living in Southern Morocco far away from higher education and universities. They lack the opportunity to educate and develop themselves in order to find a proper job in society.
The foundation offers safe accommodation and secures education for highly motivated female students. At the same time we help them in their personal development to make the step from the traditional Berber community to an inspiring environment in which they can develop their talents and skills and use them in a job. In doing so, they will change the future for themselves ànd their families.
This will enable the students to follow an education from a university or any other higher college in Marrakech. This is the policy plan for the foundation Moustaqbel which was established on 26 August 2016. The foundation has an ANBI status which means that organisations and private donors will be eligible for tax deduction of their donations.

This plan includes:

  • Mission, vision and objectives of the foundation
  • Activities carried out by the foundation
  • Fundraising by the foundation
  • Management of foundation assets
  • The Foundation Board

Foundation Moustaqbel was founded by Hanneke Ouwehand- van Hooff. “I worked as a volunteer in three different boarding houses for high school girls in Southern Morocco, Education For All Morocco. The girls came from isolated villages in the Haut Atlas Mountains south of Marrakech, and would -without these boarding houses not be in school. During this period I saw what these girls could accomplish. This sparked the idea to give these dedicated hard-working girls a real opportunity to work on their future and continue their studies beyond secondary school. With the opportunity to live in Dar Moustaqbel they would really be able to make the step to a different future for themselves besides marriage, motherhood and village life.”


Mission, Vision and Objectives
Our mission is to create equal developing chances for girls through education, by creating an environment and home where they can focus solely on their future.
Our vision is that through better education Moroccan girls and women will make own decisions, follow their dreams and talents and thus escape poverty.
Main objectives of the foundation is to facilitate and support education after high school. In addition we find it very important to offer equal opportunities for girls in Morocco.

To help the highly motivated girls turn their dreams into reality, Hanneke decided to set up a ‘student house’ in Marrakech. The name of the house is DAR MOUSTAQBEL which means “House of the future” in Darija (moroccan arabic). Beside a quiet, friendly, helpful and safe home where they can fully focus on their studies, we offer them extra workshops, activities and in-house lessons to improve f.i. their level of French, English and their personal development.

This will built a future of intellectual development and a job that will financially turn around their lives and that of their entire families. Initially the students will live in the house for four years, that is to say until they receive their bachelor diploma. After that, we will decide whether further housing is necessary.
We started in September 2016 in a rented house and in the meantime found a big house in the medina of Marrakech. Beside lodging and good meals we would support our students with extra-curricular activities like daily French lessons, weekly English lessons and extra tutoring classes for physics, mathematics and economy. Furthermore we provide a lot of attention to extra workshops like music, yoga classes, art history lessons and personal development.
Hanneke: “In the Moroccan culture, the difference between the traditional rural culture and that of the city is enormous. That is why I visit many of the families in their mountain villages, on a regular basis.  Because they see that their daughters are achieving great results in school and they gladly let them choose another path than the traditional one. It is wonderful to see that some of the fathers of these families are now our greatest ambassadors. Meeting the families in person is very important in getting this support and we will continue these visits regularly.
The foundation has its work cut out for the coming period. Sponsoring, fundraising, subsidies are high on the priority list. Raising funds is essential for the foundation to continue its work.

What has been accomplished
The property has been renovated privately by the owners. They make the house available to the Foundation Moustaqbel with no costs. It is their personal gift to the Foundation. After living in a rented place for one year (2016-2017)  a group of 27 girls has moved as from September 2017, into Dar Moustaqbel. In 2018 we have 41 girls on board. Three fabulous house mothers are living in the house taking care of the support of the girls. A house manager who speaks Darija, Berber, French, English and Dutch manages the Dar Moustaqbel. Two French teachers take care of the daily French courses. The foundation provides a home, daily meals, extra classes and workshops and supervision of the girls on their way to an independent existence with a job.

Future objective
In Dar Moustaqbel is room for 50 to 55 students. This means around 15 girls per academic year can and will be accepted in the house.

Fundraising will have high priority. This will be in the form of sponsoring, donations, gifts, subsidies, private fundraising. In order to raise funds, the Foundation will approach various private donors, companies, schools and other organizations. Fundraising will be carried out in a direct and effective manner, both private and in business relations. Multimedia and social media can be part of the fundraising strategy, as well as approaching magazines, newspapers and other publications. It will include fundraising campaigns to obtain the necessary financial means. These initiatives are carried out by our board members or one of our ambassadors. In addition we will use our website www.moustaqbel.org and other social media such as facebook, instagram, digital magazines and papers to report on our activities.

The foundation is an official ANBI and complies as such with the demands from the Dutch tax authorities through which it is possible for sponsors to deduct the funds fiscally with a minimal 5 year commitment.

The acquired funds will be spent 100% on the running costs of the project and in compliance with the statutes of the Foundation. We would like to emphasize that all the board members dedicate their time on a voluntary basis and do not receive any salary, travel costs or compensation in any form from the Foundation.

The Foundation board
Chair and founder: Mrs J.F.L.M. (Hanneke) Ouwehand-van Hooff
Board Member: Mrs C. (Carine) Crielaers
Treasurer: Mr. R.J. (Robert Jan) Wefers Bettink

Apart from the board, there is a group of advisors involved who, all in their own specific manner, contribute to the project. They help in the day to day operations and realisation of the board’s initiatives.

Name of the Foundation: Stichting Moustaqbel
Bank account : NL19ABNA0822 4067 64
RSI number : 856670534

Hanneke Ouwehand-van Hooff
Stichting Moustaqbel
Bloemgracht 38 H
1015 TK Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Telephone : +31 6 20134439  //  +212 6 36854778
Website: www.moustaqbel.org
Mail: hanneke@moustaqbel.org