March 9, 2017

Silence has been sacred lately in Riad Moustaqbel. All the girls are studying hard for their exams. Not an easy task, as it’s their first year at university and they have still got to get used to the massive number of fellow students and the distant behavior of their professors. Until a week ago all the girls went about it in their own way. Some liked studying in the neighboring Dar Attakafa or ‘House of Culture’ where there is a study hall and library, while others preferred hitting the books at home. Funny enough the girls studying law have their own special method: walking around the street reading with a book in their hand or reciting out loud standing under a lamp post after dark.

But in order to limit the distractions of the outside world, last week the two bedrooms and living of Riad Moustaqbel have been turned into a veritable study. At first it seemed impossible for all the girls to concentrate on their studies in the same space consisting of no more than 60 square meters including 6 bunk beds, but they have been able to make it work. Even in case of a power blackout.