Overcoming obstacles

November 1, 2017

We didn’t expect this was going to get emotional, but it didn’t take long before tears flowed. Last weekend the girls of Dar Moustaqbel followed a course at the Career Center in Marrakech. The Career Center is one of Dar Moustaqbel’s most valuable partners, helping our students with study and career orientation. The center was created just a year ago, and is financed by USAID.

The four-day course led by the inspiring Amine Rossafi, a renown human resource specialist who has coached many CEO’s, is scheduled during two weekends and involves zooming in on values and goals, talents and weaknesses, positive job attitudes and oral and written communication in French. When the girls had to draw a line marking all the events that had changed their lives – happy and sad – the atmosphere became dense with emotion. They were asked to draw the line with events they could share with others on the front of the page, and the events they preferred to keep to themselves on the back.

Our students, girls still, were confident enough to share some of the life-changing events that still fill them with pain and sorrow. Accompanied by tears. Finding your own values and objectives isn’t an easy task. But facing the gap between them is even more difficult. The students of Dar Moustaqbel know they have embarked on a long journey, with many obstacles that have to be overcome underway. But one thing is for sure: they will have a career.