Parents Day Tradition

It is a big day. And the students are always a bit nervous about  seeing their parents after having been away from their families for so long. One by one, the parents trickle in, each parent being received by their child. The students take their parents up the stairs to show them around the house and their room.

After a discussion about our official house rules and the role parents can play in their children’s successes, we have some speeches by our founder, team members and parents. And then it is time for lunch, cooked by the students of course. For the parents, who are for the large part illiterate, it is clearly soothing to see their daughters in a new light. Many express their gratitude, happy as they are that their girls are in a good place.

In the afternoon we meet up with some of the parents, to speak more in depth about their daughter’s situation. And of course, we ended with some song and dance, because this day merits a celebration.