Not enough computers

April 25, 2018 Yesterday the girls at Dar Moustaqbel enjoyed their first computer skills class. We urgently need some (secondhand) laptops as we have only

Winning a special prize

Our board members are tirelessly working for the benefit of our house. One week they are running the marathon in Edinburgh, the next they win

Marathon for Dar Moustaqbel

We are tremendously proud of our board member Carine Crielaers and her friends who ran the Edinburgh Marathon today, promoting Dar Moustaqbel – more than

A big welcome to English

April 18, 2018 While French has been the dominant language in Moroccan business circles for almost a century, English is rapidly winning ground. 

Yoga as a tool

April 10, 2018 The girls at Dar Moustaqbel ❤ yoga. Thanks to the teachers of yoga company Nosade, who often come by to give a

A simple solution

April 5, 2018 Imagine your first days at university. Now imagine the subject matter of your choice being taught in a foreign language you do

How to become an entrepreneur

March 13, 2018 ‘Most people wouldn’t recognise an opportunity if it was staring them in the face’, says university professor in economics Dr. Nasser Bouchiba.

Happy Women’s Day!

March 8, 2018 The girls and team at Dar Moustaqbel wish you a wonderful Women’s Day! We would like to express our deep-felt solidarity with

Magnificent ruin

March 1, 2018 ‘This palace is still impressive even though it has been stripped of all its decorations’, says art historian Anissa Foukalne surrounded by