Words to share

Some people requested us to share the speech that was delivered by Rachida Azough during our official opening. So here it is. In French.

Official Opening big success

After two years of pioneering and discovering what Dar Moustaqbel is really about, we finally celebrated our official opening last Saturday in the presence of

From failure to victory

‘Times can change’, says Zineb Bidari (19). During her first year in university studying physics, Bidari became demoralized by her ‘unspeakable’ exam results. In contrast her second year

Linguistic nightmare

Imagine your first days at university. As a novice you are beaming with enthusiasm and curiosity. Now imagine the subject matter of your choice being

Ramadan schedule

May 21, 2018 Ramadan schedule: French lessons from ten till midnight on Saturdays. English on Sunday mornings.    

Sharing Ramadan in Amsterdam

May 19, 2018 Happy Ramadan! To celebrate the beginning of Ramadan, Moustaqbel Amsterdam hosted an iftar. Fifty people enjoyed a Ramadan breakfast at sunset, with

What to study?

May 1, 2018 Studying is important, but knowing what to study may very well be of even greater importance. To help our students make the