Bringing computers to the mountains

Bringing computers to where there are literally none. Our campaign to find funds for fifty-five laptops for the students of Dar Moustaqbel has won us

Discovering distance learning

Our students left in a hurry, shortly after the lockdown was announced. They tried downloading as much material as they could, packed their books and

A distinguished guest

In the beginning of February, a special guest arrived at Dar Moustaqbel, to conduct research in the midst of our home. For over a month

Losing and finding a home

When Jamila finished high school in the mountain plateau village of Asni, she was eager to pursue further education, but she knew all too well she did not have the money to do so.

Where is my room?

Our new resident Fatima Zahra el Moussaoui, first-year student in English language and literature, inspects the room distribution at Dar Moustaqbel.

A new beginning

The start of the academic year is always a period of great expectations at Dar Moustaqbel. This year, with 55 students arriving in their new

Parents Day Tradition

It is one of our dearest yearly traditions: our Parent’s Day at Dar Moustaqbel. Seeing the girls proudly show around their home to their parents, seeing the families our students belong to.

Women’s Day Volunteering

Today on International Women’s Day, our students went out to pay tribute to women that have been totally marginalized in many societies worldwide: female day

Art critics and tour guides

Our students have been conquering the medina lately under the guidance of art historian Anissa Foukalne who volunteers every year to share her knowledge with