How to live a happier life

“Are poor people more prone to depression?”, and “how can I help a depressed loved one?” Our students couldn’t stop asking questions when they were

Our new teacher team

Today is World Teacher’s Day. We at Dar Moustaqbel love teachers everyday! The importance of the profession cannot be underestimated. It is an excellent occasion to

Kick-off academic year 2021-2022

Fresh new faces have finally arrived at Dar Moustaqbel. Ambitious girls full of hope and enthusiasm, from a variety of rural areas in the south

No time to lose

Under normal circumstances, Ramadan is a moment to slow down and diminish the number of extra lessons temporarily, but with covid-19 and its devastating effects,

Crossing the ocean for a lesson

Last Friday, students from Dar Moustaqbel and students from the Pace Academy in Atlanta crossen the Atlantic Ocean to share a French language lesson. Virtually

Happy 2021

To bid farewell to 2020, this difficult covid-year, our students baked some delicious cakes. Happy & Healthy 2021 from all the students at Dar Moustaqbel.


Learning to reflect on your personal development is part of what we strive for at Dar Moustaqbel. Taking responsibility for realizing your dreams and dealing

Happy to be back again

Fatima ait M’hand and Fatima ait Hmed do not only have resembling names – they were also the only residents of Dar Moustaqbel that did

Keeping covid at bay

Wash your hands! Disinfect your shoes! Walk this way! Wear your facemask over nose and mouth! Our students await a whole new set of do’