How to live a happier life

“Are poor people more prone to depression?”, and “how can I help a depressed loved one?”

Our students couldn’t stop asking questions when they were honored with a visit by hospital psychiatrist Dr Imane Rouhli. From depression to exam stress to stage fright to timidity, to crying on the toilet… All kinds of subjects regarding (student) life were discussed. 

To answer the first question: yes, people living in poverty appear to be at higher risk for mental illness. They also report lower levels of happiness. That seems to be true all over the globe. In a 2010 review of 115 studies that spanned 33 countries across the developed and developing worlds, nearly 80 percent of the studies showed that poverty comes with higher rates of mental illness. 

We at Dar Moustaqbel know that our students carry the burden of poverty and everything that comes with it. We try to equip our students with the instruments to improve their chances on the job market and in life in general. How to live a happier life is part of that equation.

We want to express our gratitude to Dr Imane Rouhli who will be conducting workshops with small groups of students throughout the year.