How to become an entrepreneur

March 13, 2018

‘Most people wouldn’t recognise an opportunity if it was staring them in the face’, says university professor in economics Dr. Nasser Bouchiba. Last weekend the girls at Dar Moustaqbel were initiated into the principles of entrepreneurship by economist and serial entrepreneur Dr. Bouchiba.
Born and raised in Rabat, he left Morocco at age eighteen to live in China. He was joining his brother Najib, sinophile and world champion Taiji Zhang – a form of gymnastics tradition Qi Gong.
The young Nasser studied sports medicine, but soon shifted his attention to learning Chinese, doing business and writing about entrepreneurship. His training program for upcoming entrepreneurs has been widely acknowledged and is currently taught in many universities around China.

Our first meeting focussed on how to identify opportunities and the stages you have to undergo when setting up a company. Bouchiba implored the girls to see the chances that still exist in their villages of origin. ‘You have to tell the story of your village’, says Bouchiba when one of the girls introduces herself and her practically unknown home town. ‘You have to market it, tell its story, as is done in marketing. Otherwise no one will get to know it.’
Over the next 12 months the students at Dar Moustaqbel will follow Bouchiba’s intensive training program ‘entrepreneurial opportunities’. The professor promises lots of homework, ‘without getting in the way of your studies’.