Happy to be back again

Fatima ait M’hand and Fatima ait Hmed do not only have resembling names – they were also the only residents of Dar Moustaqbel that did not have any internet or phone connection in their home villages. “I had to walk half an hour up on a mountain to be able to make a decent phone call or download something from the internet. After a while you really feel cut off, lonely and somewhat handicapped. I am so glad to be here and have Dar Moustaqbel’s wifi back.”

Because the number of students we could allow back into their student home was restricted, we started with a group of twenty students, among which Fatima and Fatima. Other students that were allowed first access to Dar Moustaqbel were those that had difficult circumstances at home and or were forced to work long hours in the field or herding sheep.