Dar Moustaqbel’s response to covid-19

Back in their home villages, the virus is laying bare the difficult circumstances of our student’s families. Many breadwinners, and others in their inner circle, have lost their jobs as day laborers, and are struggling to put enough food on the table. The family homes of our students – in isolated rural and rugged areas – often lack access to internet, a computer or even a table.Our students are extremely motivated, and they all try hard to make it work, but it is clearly not easy to study using a mobile phone. Our task has shifted due to the confinement. That is why we are investing in technological support for our students, distributing computers, and internet credit and helping them progress online. And since enough food is crucial, we also create a small fund to distribute the food budget among our students.We continue being, be it virtual – a home to our students. Offering our regular language classes and study coaching from a distance, and presenting an online program to continue developing skills with our students. Our goal is and remains making further education possible for girls from isolated and disadvantaged rural communities. The fact that our students are not allowed to go to school now, makes our mission even more challenging. That is why we focus on the prevention of study delays in these volatile times. Distance learning is all we have now, and we believe we can make it work.