24 laptops

February 1, 2017

Twenty-four laptops stacked on top of each other in the trunk of our directors car. It makes us immensely happy to announce we have received this valuable donation from the vocational education institute ROC van Amsterdam. (more…)

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It’s official…

August 28, 2016
We are very happy to announce, with the help law firm Clifford Chance, the official establishment of the Foundation “Haut Atlas”, which is the underlying foundation of Riad Moustaqbel. Friday the 25th of August 2016 at 10.15 hrs the papers were signed. This was an important step. Hanneke Ouwehand-van Hooff is off to Morocco tomorrow. She has a lot of work to do.


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Bicycle lessons

July 7, 2016
In preparation of their next step, studying in Marrakech, the girls from the Haut Atlas were helping each other how to cycle around. A generous gift of our friends from Holland, Vreni en Ronald Hennekes; two bicycles to exercise the skills to cycling. Their future transport in marrakech. In September next schoolyear they will get more professional lessons from Cantal Bakker from www.pikalabikes.com


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