Art critics and tour guides

Our students have been conquering the medina lately under the guidance of art historian Anissa Foukalne who volunteers every year to share her knowledge with our students.

And her love for the arts has been contagious. Our students utterly enjoy the tours through the city showing them their way in the intricate system the medina is. Besides getting to know their surroundings, from their own home to the monuments and their historic contexts, our students were introduced to icons of the art history as well as going more in-depth into Islamic, African, and western art. 

Learning how to be a tour guide is a new feature of Foukalne’s yearly course. Several of our students delved into the medina to become amateur tour guides themselves. Not a bad idea in the tourist hub Marrakech has become. We at Dar Moustaqbel want to thank Anissa Foukalne for helping us build this engaging yearly tradition.