A hot stew for our builders

January 31, 2017

No more demolition work or new walls being built. The renovation of Riad Moustaqbel has quickly progressed. The basic constructions are as good as finished and the finishing touches are programmed in the next two weeks. Every month Hanneke Ouwehand-Van Hooff has a communal tajine, a stew, with the construction workers to thank them for their hard work. It is a Moroccan tradition to honor construction workers this way. It was a painstaking job to renovate the old riad, which had hidden defects in nearly every corner, wall or ceiling. The builder, Abdessamad Bifadlallah, is very much engaged in our project. Besides being the constructor of our home, Bifadlallah has become a member of our Moroccan board. He feels a strong connection with our students, as he himself is from a remote village around Marrakech, and did not have the opportunity to pursue a higher education. His alliance with Riad Moustaqbel has led him to be determined to the best job he can within the smallest budget possible. He is adamant to get the building ready by next April. Just a few months before we can show you the final result.