A distinguished guest

In the beginning of February, a special guest arrived at Dar Moustaqbel, to conduct research in the midst of our home. For over a month Béatrice Lecestre-Rollier, lecturer of sociology at the University of Paris, lived intimately with our students.

She had breakfast, lunch and dinner with them, and spent the days interviewing the girls, hearing their personal stories, feelings and ideas, and teaching them French and sociology. In no time Béatrice became an important friend to our students.

After a couple of weeks among our students, she was joined by her husband Patrick Rollier. Apart from being an avid cook, who often joined our students in the kitchen, Patrick is a professional photographer. He didn’t hesitate to start a photography class for our students. After more than a month among the girls, the journey Béatrice and Patrick had envisaged was cut short due to the crisis.

From Paris, she shares some of things she learned about Dar Moustaqbel and the way we are perceived by our beneficiaries: “Each and every one of the students is very satisfied with Dar Moustaqbel. They are happy with all the activities that enrich their lives tremendously, they are impressed with the professionalism, and they thrive in the well oiled structure that Dar Moustaqbel is. Without Dar Moustaqbel their lives would be very different, and they would not be able to pursue further education.”