A big welcome to English

April 18, 2018

While French has been the dominant language in Moroccan business circles for almost a century, English is rapidly winning ground. Helping disadvantaged girls from isolated villages prepare for a productive and successful career is one of the main goals of Dar Moustaqbel. That is why Dar Moustaqbel also offers weekly English language lessons. And not just any English classes. The girls are impressed by the quality and creativeness of our lessons in which all students participate actively. We are very proud of our premium volunteer Coralyn Bradshaw, who has been training teachers and advising governments on English Language Teaching in countries as Jemen, Oman, Indonesia and Tanzania before she settled in Marrakech recently. When Bradshaw offered to teach our girls at Dar Moustaqbel twice a week, we were over the moon. We are honored and delighted to have her among us every week. A huge thank you to Miss Coralyn Bradshaw for helping our students master the English language.